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Atmos Piano instrument rack - free!

A long time ago I didn't use Ableton Live at all, and instead did my thing with Cubase by Steinberg. In 2004, software team Wizoo released Hypersonic; a virtual instrument that offered a lot of instant gratification and was billed as a 'workstation VSTi' meaning it had a lot of presets; loads. What was nice was that the presets were tweak-able, there was half a dozen parameters in the VSTi window and more if you wanted to dig deeper. Not a sound design platform at all but, instead, a practical, shapeable, inspiring library of decent sounds.

I liked it, I used it on soundtrack pitches, a few that actually turned in to commissions and I used it on song-based production work. What I really liked, and missed for a long time, was a particular preset ... Atmos Piano. Yeah.

I can't get Hypersonic to run in any practical way with my current rig and thought Atmos Piano was confined to aspirations past. But I thought - hold a minute - of course, I can make my own and when I do it will be more. More filter-y, more delay-y and more process-y. I won't just go from zero to 'Atmos Piano', no, I will give the dial more range - I will go into much higher atmos levels, to where things not just start to fall apart, but collapse.

You can hear Atmos Piano on Shadows of the Future* in this preview here:

If you have Live 10 and Max for Live, you can download the Instrument rack here and, of course, edit it to your own requirements.

* The EP, Shadows of the Future, is available from 20 Nov., 2020, distributed globally by AWAL.

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