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Good evening, Aubervilliers!

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

According to Spotify for Artists, over the past 28 days, 104 people in Aubervilliers, France, have listened to my music. I've never been there or to Frankfurt where 102 fine, discerning folk listened too. Third of the top three cities is London, where a smaller, but no less appreciated, group of 57 tuned in.

Thomson Rivers University, British Colombia, Canada

When Salary Man came out it ended up in the distribution network for student radio in North America. Briefly, in 2005, the album featured on the student radio station at Thomson Rivers University, Kamloops, Canada. It was reported in their album charts at number 3, beating Moby's Hotel, two weeks running.

Lima, Peru

Fast forward 8 years and, for a couple of years, there was a Live365 Internet radio station, Departure Point Radio, that broadcast my music. For one 3 month period the country with the highest number of listeners was Peru, closely followed by Ecuador.

What does this mean, if anything?

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