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MFB-301 Pro injects analogue groove into Shadows of the Future

The drums on Shadows of the Future* are mostly from the delightful groove box that is the MFB-301 Pro from MFB. Offering 8 analogue drum and percussion sounds and costing around €130 the 301 Pro provides a wallet-friendly analogue kit. The kick is a big softy that makes the cupboards at the back of the studio rattle and the cymbals are metallic with a satisfying slightly dirty clang. Sure, the programming is a fiddle and there's only one (mono) output but it serves nicely as an analogue drum expander and you can multi-track it if you want mixing control over different sounds.

In addition to note information, the MFB-301 Pro responds to 23 MIDI control commands covering the tuning, attack and decay of most of the sounds. I made a simple Max for Live controller for it which you can download from

Hear the MFB301-Pro in action on this short preview of Shadows of the Future:

On the track there is an 808 Maracas sample on the quaver off-beats and the rest of the drums come from the MFB 301-Pro run through the Ableton Drum Buss effect with pretty modest settings; I found a little Drive and Crunch help it sit in the mix which is a bit of a mixing short-cut but, hey, life is short.

More info on this great little guy here:

* Shadows of the Future is released on 20/11/2020 on Departure Point Recordings and distributed globally by AWAL.

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