• Ken Peel

Multi-channel routing in Ableton Live made easier by Cycling 74

In the rush to Christmas and the doom of January (broken by the excitement of CTM) I completely missed this excellent set of M4L devices courtesy of Cycling 74 that open up the multi-channel routing functionality of Live 10.

A couple of features stand out straight away and it's features like these that will keep Ableton and Cycling 74 at the top of their game. Firstly, take a stereo track from Ableton and pan it, or more accurately, spatialise it in an array of up to 32 speakers. Easily done with Panner.als. Secondly, how about randomly panning the track to different outputs, synced to project tempo? Or a step panning sequencer? Done, with Rand Panner and Step Panner.

Of course, the only thing missing is access to a 32 channel speaker rig, environment, the hardware and a few hundred miles of cabling. But if you have access to that space/rig/kit, what used to be a headache-inducing 'I'm sure I could be programming this better' week long session with Max, now just got a lot easier.

Might have to go back to University.

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