• Ken Peel

New single (EP?), Party Droids, coming out 17 July

Chuffed to have the release date confirmed; Party Droids will be available from all major (and many minor) digital outlets on Friday 17 July. Party Droids is a single/EP comprising three, all new, techno tracks: Party Droids, Secret Room and The Sneaker and comes in at 20mins in total. 3 tracks is technically a single these days, but 20mins is an EP in my books. Hey, what does it matter anyway.

This is on the Departure Point Recordings label which I've used for all sorts of music over the years but where as the older stuff is very TV/ambient targeted, these tracks reflect my new found love in my old age for Techno, of the minimal/experimental variety. There's a mix of digital and analogue gear both in the instrumentation and mixing process and the release was mastered by Marcus Lux at Mastrng, Berlin. There is another batch of tracks coming in around 3 months. Cover art by George Peel.

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