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Ogonblick (2007)

Ogonblick is the result of a collaboration proposed by the talented, Swedish multi-instrumentalist, David Stiernholm.


The album marries live performances from David with beats and layers to create our contribution to the folktronica scene, if indeed that is a scene.

To create Ogonblick, fragments of ideas were exchanged via the web between my then studio in Bristol in the UK and David's studio near Gothenburg in Sweden.  Live instruments played by David include nyckelharpa, oboe and whistles, and improvised percussion on empty beer bottles and booules. 

Ögonblick is a Swedish word meaning, approximately, in the blink of an eye. I've always thought the tracks have an almost pastoral quality to them, perhaps this was influenced by David and I both becoming fathers for the first time during the project.


Ögonblick is widely available from all digital outlets.

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